Part 145 Camo+
Service Center Pilatus PC-12 & PC-24

Our business

Maintenance – Repair – Emergency Breakdown Service

Our business

The JG Aviation aircraft maintenance workshop offers a wide range of services no matter your type of plane: single engine, twin engine or below 5.7 tones.

Whether it is for a maintenance visit for your plane, for the repair of a damaged aircraft, or for minor adjustments on your plane, JG Aviation maintenance shop offers all types of aircraft maintenance regardless of the stage of development of your plane.

JG Aviation’s light aircraft maintenance workshop has under contract each year more than eighty aircraft of all types, Cessna, Beechcraft, Piper, Marchetti, Robin, Socata, Mooney, Cirrus, Pilatus PC-12, PC-7… Individuals and flying clubs trust the seriousness and expertise of our team of aviation enthusiasts.

JG Aviation’s aircraft maintenance workshop also offers a personalized and computerized follow-up. This service is available at any time through the Customer section.

Thanks to experience and expertise in aircraft joinery or metal fabrication, our team can work with both structural wood and stretched canvas or metal structures and even composite structures.

JG Aviation maintains, repairs but also offers a range of services related to the embellishment of your plane, whether external repairs (painting) or interior repairs (upholstery).

The JG Aviation aircraft maintenance workshop meets the requirements of the DGCA and the EASA Part 145 Subparts G+I

  • All visits within the approved framework (scheduled visits / calendar)
  • Engine, airframe or accessory changes on hourly or calendar schedule
  • Anti-corrosion treatment
  • Paintings (after stripping or sanding)
  • Replacement of windows and adjustment
  • Reconstruction of the interior - seats (leather or fabric) - Carpets - Plastics
  • Dashboard remodeling - Addition or removal of equipment
  • Installation of equipment certified or STC
  • Audits / checks for calendar extension of engines over 12 years
  • Weighing on electronic scales
  • Troubleshooting damaged aircrafts / Transport / Repatriation
  • We also operate under certain conditions on "N" aircraft
  • Monitoring airworthiness
JGAviation Pilatus PC12

Service Center Satellite Pilatus PC-12

JG Aviation is an authorized Service Center Satellite Pilatus PC-12. JG Aviation provides a variety of services for Pilatus PC-12 series operators, including, airframe and engine maintenance, avionics, parts…

Continuing Airworthiness

The JG Aviation workshop has all the facilities to assure the monitoring airworthiness of your plane.

The JG Aviation aircraft maintenance workshop can perform all periodic IFR inspections related to the radio and the application of the CN called “transponder” for all aircraft with a transponder on board.

Wood / Stretched Canvas

The JG Aviation aircraft maintenance workshop was originally intended for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of old planes. We have acquired expertise in aircraft joinery and sophisticated equipment for woodworking.

Metal structures

JG Aviation has an experience in metalwork. We can replace or repair metal parts of an airplane like bird strike or other bad ground handling, corrosion of structure, replacement of corroded parts…


JG Aviation Workshop proves it can work on all parts of composites, including carbon.

Upholstery Aircraft

The JG Aviation workshop carries out partial or complete repairs of the interior of your plane’s airframe, including: leather or fabric seats, Carpet, Side panels, Dashboards. Only for customers in maintenance and airworthiness monitoring at JG Aviation.

Aircraft Painting

Airplane painting after sanding or stripping, prior anti-corrosion treatment if necessary, painting done in our environment equipped with extractions and adapted to the area needs of the plane (twin engine included). Only for customers in maintenance and airworthiness monitoring at JG Aviation

Wing Repair and Reconstruction

JG Aviation has established a partner relationship with a U.S. based company specializing in the repair and reconstruction of wings on piston or turbine aircraft.

The team of aeronautical engineers at JG Aviation can respond quickly insofar as possible for fixing an airplane directly on site.

JGAviation hangar

Customer Zone

Once in possession of the access code, the owner gradually informs about his aircraft’s flying hours on the JG Aviation website. Thus, the state of airworthiness and the various dates of intervention will appear on the customized information page.